Origin of makeup

As a girl I love putting on makeup, but it's also interesting to know where this great practice comes from, so accompany me to discover those corners of the history of the most interesting things about this world of makeup.

Make-up and its origin;

Human beings have long used color as an aesthetic element of verbal communication to highlight aspects of their anatomy, to produce certain effects on behavior or simply to convey moods.

The origin of makeup dates back centuries, specifically to Prehistory. During this period, clay was applied to the face, but it is not clear what the purpose of this action was. According to cave paintings of the time, Paleolithic women colored different parts of their bodies with reddish brown.

In ancient Egypt, black and green powders were used by men and women interchangeably to paint their eyes. Her ideal of beauty was tanned skin, large eyes outlined in the shape of a fish in dark color, lips colored in terracotta tones and very well-groomed eyebrows, as we can see in the busts of the time.

In addition to sun protection, people believed that makeup also protected them from diseases.

They weren't going astray, as the black kohl and other powders they used on the eyelids contained lead salts that strengthen the immune system.

Some historians considered Egypt to be the cradle of makeup. To obtain the color with which the eyes were painted, they mixed earth, ink and ashes. For the lips, the Egyptians used a dye made of red ochre and natural iron oxide, which they applied with a brush.

In the tombs of the pharaohs, remains of cosmetic products were found that were not far from the current makeup. In fact, the current blush derives from a mixture made in Ancient Egypt that consisted of seeds, red ochre and different fruits.
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