The mandalas are very striking, they have an extravagant design, they use them to decorate the room, hang it in the rear view mirror of the car, the children color them in their picture books. Mandalas are used to purify, to practice meditation, they have spiritual, healing and even therapeutic purposes. Furthermore, its origin is older than many of us might think. Starting with the origin of the word "mandala" The word "mandala" comes from Sacrit (Indo-European language) which translated into Spanish means "sacred circle" or "energy circle". This word is composed of two parts, each with its respective meaning, the first part which is Manda means "essence" and La means "concretion". And it is said that the circular shape characteristic of mandalas comes from early in the history of mankind and in fact these types of bas-relief shapes have been found drawn on rocks with very similar designs in other parts of the world such as Europe, North America, Africa, China, India and Australia.

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origin of mandalas