Outdoor games with water!

Outdoor games with water!

A handy and fun overview for lots of water fun with children!

Outdoor games with water!

Delicious is that.. if the temperatures allow it there can also be played with water again!

Why is playing with water so much fun?

You can just get wet outside because the sun will dry everything up again. It gives a nice refreshing feeling and therefore you can play with more fun when the weather is hot outside. Outdoor play is very healthy there I already wrote a nice piece in this blog . And all senses are of course so stimulated which also gives a lot of fun!


What can you do outside?

Actually, sometimes you really don't need much to have fun. A basin of water, a pool; you can make it any way you want!I have collected some nice tips for you so you can fully enjoy all the water fun. Important in all of this is of course that fun is paramount, nothing has to be done!And young children always supervised when playing with water, safety goes for everything!

14 Watertips:

Below I have collected 12 fun tips that you can use for fun water games. Some activities are more for the youngest and other games are suitable for all ages!Some water games you can make together or they are materials that you may already have in your shed. In short, lots of fun water fun!

I received a very nice activity fromJanet Botter

A fun game for warm weather. At us tested the BSO and it was a great success:

Some kids are standing in the field, these are trees.
A child is a lion or tiger, this is the ticker, and a child is the water carrier.
The water carrier fills a bucket with water and carries it on the head to the other side. (Bucket of Greek yogurt o.i.d.)
With the bucket on the head, the water carrier tries to get from one side to the other. But beware of the lion!You can get yourself to safety by standing behind the trees.
The tree counts to 5 and then you have to move on. As soon as the water carrier stands behind the tree, the lion returns to its lair. You draw this with pavement chalk in the middle of the field. As soon as the water carrier starts walking again, the lion also comes into action. If the water carrier is across the street, another water carrier and tiger will be chosen. We provided the necessary water fun and hours of fun at the BSO.

Make this cool waterway yourself,

Click here.

So simple and so fun.. boats!In the picture you will read how to make them!

Source: gespotvoorjou.nl


A homemade car wash where children can ride their bikes through and get refreshed.

Source:2011.05.24.13- - A boy at A Child's Garden pre-school in Covedale, Ohio, rides his bike threw the kids car wash Tuesday May 24, 2011, during the 10-year anniversary party for the kids at the school. The kids got to play in the water and have Kona Ice slushees and just hang outside during the school day. (AP Photo/The Enquirer/ Ernest Coleman) Source

In addition, a photo ofSponge ballsand play with it. Click here


Children also very much like to “paint” with water. Click here.

Catching fish by making them yourself. Click here.

“Plastic soup” read here how this activity was done in the host parent shelter of Ineke van der Linde- Click here

The eye hand coordination is practiced in a fun way! Click here

Even the youngest can enjoy water play with cups, strains and plastic spoons. Example above: Click here

Next to this, children play with fun colored toys. Click here.

This is fun too!Plastic and duct tape and then fill it with water! Click here.

Next door is a paddling pool filled with rubber ducks. You can go fishing with a net out of the water.

Source: blog.todobonito.com


And that's how you can play Twister in a pool like this. Conceived by host parentIneke van der Linde.

A fun way to play in the water is with construction material. By:Ineke van der Linde

Read more about this in the blog below.

Playing Diy Water Game


Goofy joke. Mickey asks Goofy, “Can you swim?” “Sometimes!” , says Goofy. “Why sometimes?” “Well,” says Goofy, “only when I'm in the water!”


Here are blogs about playing outdoors/water-craft ideas:

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Additional tip for a super waterbed:

A very large waterbed can be seen via this LINK in rainbow colors!

Big Waterplay

Click here to view.

Frisbee water game

Click here to view

Little Tikes Splash face

Click here to view

Photo header and text-photo above: pixabay


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