Have you ever stopped to think that this just works for you:

You ask someone with more traffic to share your Yoors posts. That can be anyone on social media who is, for example, a starting influencer.

This person provides views to your post. Fun !

But this person also gets paid for those views.
If someone really has a lot of traffic, they earn much more with what Yoors pays than with Ads on your website or on your Youtube !

I've actually been wondering for a long time why you don't or hardly try this?

So think of someone with a lot of visitor or not even that much.
Write a good email about this and start sending links.

You give them a present !!

Keep me posted about results so we can learn from it.

By the way dear reader . Can you share this post ?
Because your traffic is your present from me to you !!

Thanks. Much appreciated.

Outreach .  You should do it.

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