Ovarian cyst when to remove


Cyst This is a reproductive health problem that tends to affect the ovaries. Taking the necessary tests and starting treatment is the only way to contain this.

There are quite several conditions that tend to affect women’s reproductive health. These medical issues are infections, PCOS, gynecologic cancer, HIV/Aids, and uterine fibroids. Most of these conditions make it difficult for most women to conceive and have a challenge with their general health. When identified and treated early, the problem can be contained, and the need to go for exaggerated solutions should not be met. The ovarian cyst is one of the conditions that can be easily treated. Check out below how you should go through this reproductive health condition.

What is an ovarian cyst?

This problem affects the ovaries; these are the two parts of the reproductive system that stores the ovum. Ovaries are located in the fallopian tube, where ovulation and implantation take place after the eggs are fertilized. It is said that most women have encountered ovarian cyst condition at one point in their lives. The condition tends to treat it at a time, therefore, does not require professional treatment. However, repeated occurrence of ovarian cyst accompanied by symptoms call for medical treatment.

Symptoms of ovarian cyst

•    Breast tenderness
•    Painful bowel movements
•    Painful sexual encounter
•    Lower back pain
•    Pelvic pain during the menstrual cycle

Causes of ovarian cyst

Most of the types of ovarian cysts develop as a result of many factors as described below;
•    The monthly period
Most of the time, women are not advised to visit a hospital and have some tests run should they fail to experience their monthly periods. This is because, among other cases,  ovarian cyst is always top on the list.

•    Pregnancy
Pregnancy can also cause an ovarian cyst; with this condition, the doctor usually suggests that the problem permanently gets done after delivery. This is why you need to attend all the prenatal clinic appointments to ensure that you have regular tests done on you.          

•    Endometriosis
The uterus is made with tissue that grows inside it; due to different factors, you may realize that the tissue is growing outside your uterus. The best way to have ovarian cyst contained is to have the tissues removed.

•    Pelvic pain
Should your pelvic be infected and experience inflammation, the chance to experience pelvic infection is widespread. The infection, when not treated on time it ends up forming cysts on the ovary.
•    Previous ovarian cyst occurrence
If you have ever encountered an ovarian cyst before and it naturally got treated, you should be sure to develop another ovarian cyst. This is why women are advised to seek medical help should they encountered the stated symptoms.

How to prevent ovarian cyst
•    Practicing the best lifestyle behaviours such as quit smoking and taking alcohol
•    Consider the proper birth control method
•    Maintain a healthy weight
•    Normalize visiting a gynaecologist

Home treatment remedies for ovarian cyst

•    Make use of heat therapy to handle cramps
•    Consider over the counter treatment as prescribed by a health professional
•    Take the right supplements that help keep away ovarian cyst

An ovarian cyst is one of the reproductive health conditions in women; different reasons result in an ovarian cyst that every woman should be cautious about.