Paardenbloem pluizenbol knutselen met wattenstaafjes

Vandaag maken we een mooie paardenbloem. Deze is is bedacht door Ineke.v.d.Linde  gastouder.

Ze maakt het met de volgende benodigdheden,  die hiernaast op de foto al staan.

- Karton in de grootte die je wilt { of een canvasdoek}

- Wattenstaafjes


-Glas m.b.t. vorm

- Creall blauw,wit en geel acrylics verf

- Oase

1. Knip de wattenschijfjes in korte stukjes zoals hieronder

2. Steek uit een vorm oase een cirkel met bv. een wijnglas

3.  Verf het karton of canvas in een lichtblauwe kleur {verf mengen blauw met wit}

4. Plak het uitgestoken ronde stuk oase met goede hobbylijm of lijmpistool op het blauw geverfde doek. 

5. Schilder er een steel met bladeren bij.

6. Begin in de buitenste rand met het insteken van de afgeknipte wattenstaafjes. Doe dit met zodanige tussenruimte dat de 2e rij er precies boven tussenin past. Steek daarna het bovenste vlak vol. Verf er wat gras bij.

Wat lijkt dat mooi!!!


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Het ontstaan van de paardenbloem.

Bekijk het boek hier

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Make-Up Artistry and Photography - Growing up, I was always fascinated by make-up. It started with my mother who had a lot of make-up and I would watch her putting it on. On some occasions she also let me try it, and I loved it. When I became a teenager, and was 13 years old, I was not allowed to put make-up on when going to school. Which now I think was a good thing. Later my mother allowed me to put some mascara on, but that took awhile before she let me :) Later in my teenage years I started to use foundation every day. I would not even go out the door without make up. This was due to insecurity of my looks. I though I was ugly without it. Later I realized, I had taken this over from my mother. She was very insecure about her appearance, especially as she grew older. She would never, ever go out without make up. Although I always appreciated she took good care and made herself look good. I realized the sad part in this was, no matter what she did it was never enough to accept herself completely. When I later in life realized the effect my mothers insecurities had on me. I changed my perspective on myself and make-up. Instead of hiding myself behind a mask. I began to see make-up more as an empowerment, and could be used to highlight the already beautiful aspects of someone’s face. Instead of completely changing ones features. When I met my husband, who liked me with or without make up, I got more confident to put the mask off. Cause when someone sees you, and especially when you start to see yourself, you don’t need to hide anymore.  What I always loved of putting make-up on someone, is when that person is happy and gets to feel even more beautiful. Especially when I gave some girlfriends a make over after they found out their husbands were cheating on them with another woman. Cause that does some damage to your self-image. I would style their hair, put make-up on them and make pictures. Cause I wanted show them a different view of themselves. And change the bad self-image that cheating creates on someones self-esteem.   My father was a photographer and when he had photoshoots, my mother would do the make-up. She always said for making pictures you have to put more make-up on the model than normal, cause it will disappear in the picture. Learning make-up tips from my mom was great, but learning to really do make-up, was when I started a make-up artist education. I was doing photography as a hobby, and wanted to know more about make-up artistry. So I could do both when making pictures. As I before got my knowledge from watching YouTube tutorials. I never planned to do it as a profession, but when Tania Kross invited me to come on her first Carmen tour to do her make-up, it was great. I learned on this tour to get faster in putting on make-up. When you come off the education you are just really slow, as you are not trained on speed. I learned when I focus on the task, instead of how much time I have, 5 minutes can be a sea of time. What I actually like is SFX make-up, which is Special Effects make-up. I did not have an education for this, but youtube is still a great guide. Transforming myself into something else. Below some pictures I made from myself and some models. This reptilian make-up was inspired by an old 1984 TV series called "V". Where an ancient alien reptilian species wants to take over the earth and mask themselves as humans. There are nowadays still a lot of stories going around. that the world is being controlled by a reptilian species with blood lines within the ruling class. There are a lot of reptilian gods who were worshipped in several old civilizations. So who knows. I am always in for a good conspiracy. 😁 Below some pictures I made and make-up, on myself and beautiful models Steffy and Isha. - - - - - #Photography#tarita#portrets#makeup#visagie#makeupartist #madebyme