Human senses are devices of communication . Sight is a language , as are pain , touch , smell and taste .
The most powerful among them is the feeling of pain. For the Dagara elder, pain is the result of a resistance to something new ; something toward which an old dispensation is at odds.  
We are made of layers of situations or experiences.
Each one of them likes to use a specific part of ourselves in which to lodge.
It's like a territory. A new experience that does not have a space to sit in within us will have to kick an old one out .
The old one that does not want to leave will resist the new one , and the result is registered by us as Pain.
This is why the elders call it Tuo . It means invasion , hunting , meeting with a violent edge. It also means boundary.
Pain , therefore, is our body complaining about an intruder.
Body complaint is understood as the soul's language relayed to us .
He goes on to point out that his Dagara elders believe that a person who has suffered is a person who has heard pain . The person hears pain as a creative action , connecting that person with his or her highest self , which prescribes an alternative to spiritual death ... It is commotion , e-motion , and a call for a rebirth.
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