Painting animals with a fork.

Paint with a fork? Yes that can. And it's very fun for kids to do. It also gives a nice effect, so double fun!

Member of Crafts for Children 0-4 years Astrid Molenaar shared this craft. Astrid: Paint with a fork! feast, autumn, glids, fine motor skills

- You make it with a coloring page or your own simple sketch. Here you will find the original pattern

-You put on a flat plate different colors of paint {green, yellow, orange, red}

- Go with the plastic fork in the paint {let colors be mixed} and iron the hedgehog with the fork. Stamping with it can also.

- Due to the streaky structure, the hedgehog gets very nice colored spines!

Ritie Veening-Koopman sent n.a.v. this blog this craft in. She did this with great pleasure with the kids together.

Eline Wyngaerd sent this hedgehog in. She made these with her little boy. They stamped the leaves with a scouring pad!


This hedgehog was submitted by Irma Thewissen member of Crafts for Children 0-4 years .

Did you like this with the fork painting? Here I have collected 5 more animals {paints with fork} so you can try everything!

Crafty has come up with this cute owl. Not very difficult but a lot of effect with the fork!

Read it here.

The cute bear, with these brown fork stripes, looks extra cuddly!

This panda of is incredibly fun. You make the earpieces, etc.. of paper that are subsequently glued.

This puffer fish is funny explosive. Nice is also that there are 2 colors of paint used! A nice idea of

This polar bear from Be sure to be there! With a dark background, a nice polar bear to make it stand out!

Below you can see some nice contributions from polar bears!



This paint is convenient to use with the youngest children.

Click here to view.

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