Painting the room

#askanowner My daughter has asked me to help her prepare the room of her first baby who will be my first grandson.
Your baby's room or corner will be very special because there he will rest, feel safe and spend beautiful moments of his childhood.
We decided to place light colors and pastels on the walls already inspire more tranquility and we opted for white.
We went to the paint shop and found a wide range of brands, we looked for the specialized person to see what recommendation we could give. We explained that we were looking for the painting for a baby's room. He immediately told us that there were inadequate paints as they contained heavy metals in their components and that they should not be used in these rooms.
His recommendation was ecological, natural paints, ceramic paints... with non-toxic raw materials and with very little odor.
It was a good decision to turn to the right people to guide us in buying paint for our expected room (son-grandson).
Later on the vinyl decorations will come.