Painting with your feet an experience?

In childcare with the leaderT.VT.was the fun. They were allowed to paint with their feet! That was a beautiful experience of the senses for the children! They had made a large sheet of paper together for this. (adhesive tape) On it large traces made, with colored paint on the large white paper. The children were allowed to walk on it with their bare feet!

It is an activity that positively stimulates the children's senses. Of course, the paint feels a little crazy and maybe cold on the feet. But you can paint the same way by walking in the paint. They experience what their own footprint looks like and what happens when the colors blend together. A lot of footsteps come together and that results in a beautiful and colorful whole. Working with your senses, moving and painting together. Fun group activity to do with children aged 2 to 4 years!

So, the advantages of dyeing with your feet are:

- Stimulates the senses

- Stimulates motor activity

- Stimulates movement together

T.V.T tells:

And this... so delicious. Paint with your feet and then put your feet in a container with soapy water. And whoops then that bin fell over. Oh, well, we'll make it a water ballet. Two activities in one you just have to think.


Inspiration for the senses:

How does it work #menselijk body? Part 4: The Senses.

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