#howtodealwith For no one is secret all the change of life that we have experienced this past year. We go from being free and maintaining a healthy mental physical life to a bunch of sometimes uncontrollable emotions. It will certainly remain for the history of mankind as a virus taught us and continues to give us lessons every day. He taught us to fight against our own dark thoughts and feelings, to each day see a new opportunity to live, to give thanks for staying healthy yet, appreciate every moment with our loved ones, to take root in our principles and teachings, to show that we can fight with any adversity and also to not plan so much because tomorrow is uncertain. How we deal with so much? What I just named is little for so much that every inhabitant of this earth happens. Every person is a story, a different situation that only everyone knows. There are so many things behind closed doors that we can't even imagine!! Many have come to psychological help, others have not endured the new lifestyle. Many fought for their health, others are still in that process, others unfortunately did not resist. Humanity has been strongly affected by “something” that we have not been able to control and we still do not know how long we can wait to see the best results. We are in diapers, every day there is a new mutation and new questioning. This will be something lasting? Or it will be that science will be able to solve effectively the cure for this evil. Many have seen the positive side of the situation and has been reinvented to cope with the process. Others just sit patient to see what happens. How to know what is right or wrong when everyone in desperate attempts to make their lives as before have committed crimes, breaches or contempt of the measures imposed by the governments of each country. What if we all have in common in the world is the hope that this will end one day. We don't know when. What if we do some is support, words of encouragement, a call, a message, an email, a letter can give us strength to continue dealing with this so-called PANDEMIC.

I took the image from my personal Instagram. 😁