Passion For Steel In Arnhem...

My Action Roman BARTJE 200 in Mountainbikemuseum in Arnhem A poem for Jeroen...


“If no one wants to preserve the cultural heritage, then that's what I have to do!”
Gee, these words touch my heart, they were spoken by Jeroen. Jeroen is a buddy of my brother's and you know what's so special,
they share a shared passion in this life.
Yes, really, very special and especially for Jeroen it is a huge effort
to be able to pass it on.
Have I been able to excite your curiosity a little bit,
it's really true a not exaggerated beautiful story...
I will take you to the Municipality of Arnhem, there is an old school building
and now she's full of 'steel'.
It is a Mountainbike Museum, but the term RETRO is a bit of a common thread.
Yes, you should really take a look. It's unimaginable what's there.
A material piece of heritage with a tangible veil of culture...
And all this by 'only' one man, Jeroen with his heart full of fire!
His power, his motivation, his drive have been guarding the flames like sparks
and it's so incredibly beautiful that he has managed to stimulate so many passionate fellow bikers
to help him honor the history of mountain biking.
Yeah, folks, it seems unimaginable,
but he has over 700 bikes in his museum!
And even though his own sight disappears, he will continue to ensure that his passion will not be lost.
No, never!
Long ago as a young man, it all started.
Yes long ago, in 1989 to be precise has a mountain bike,
just won his heart somewhere in a window.
It was a yes word for a relationship that has been going on for years and will never break again.
His love even managed to grow, that has been proven by now.
Over the years, Jeroen started collecting everything on mountain biking,
but the then scarce magazines were the first to pull their eyes.
Yes, his love really only managed to grow, what a passion, what moved!
With his own hands, he managed to bring the depreciated mountain bikes back to life and even gave them a permanent home to stay forever.
A house full of memories, a house to stand still for a moment to dispel the hustle and bustle of every day.
A house full of history, once a dream, but only created by a passionate love and above all perseverance!
No dear people, this museum tells you so much more than just cycling, it tells you what Jeroen has learned in life.
Just listen to me.
Jeroen stands for heritage, for green and for culture.
Jeroen stands for coming together, for learning from each other and has been full of fire for years!
Jeroen stands for awareness, guarding a heritage, but... he also passes one.
Dear Jeroen, you love life and there, yes, I thank you for that.


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