Passion for your work.


It's talking about something that fascinates me, it's my means of work, my passion, my little exhaust valve. It is illustrating all my ideas, thoughts, dreams about my graphics tablet.

Since childhood I was interested in this world, a pity that back then what is Youtube, was not booming, so everything was on its own.

Error after every mistake, I was perfecting the technique to pen and charcoal, which made it very easy for me to transfer to digital tablet.

Many people think it's a simple thing, just move your hand and draw some lines. Even your effort is not well paid, not well appreciated.

It is to make a sketch, something you like, that inspires you to draw and plot.
Adding a base color to it, and giving you the idea of what it will be.

Between shadows and shadows, you will see the change.

You'll like what you do better, motivate you to move forward.

Between subtly captured lines on the graph, you will be shaping what will be your little art, sketch, shadows.

Giving it a more realistic touch, adding lighting and completing missing details.

Being a perfectionist is key in this area, it will be your seal, your brand.
A good illustrator, check your project over and over again. Until you find the minimum error.
Clear paths of what was the main sketch, highlight lighting and shadow.

At this point, we will be happy with our project..

But this is not all. Both a photograph and an illustration, need a story.

His essence, his soul.

She is Susana, is 32 years old. She presented herself to me as a single mother, proudly mother of a 4-year-old little twins.

His idea was to capture it on a cartoon, so that their little ones could have fun, and they could color it. I couldn't stay alone with that, in his eyes reflected a lot of love.

So I decided to capture such a beautiful face, in an illustration, that I'm sure will appreciate and keep with much affection..

We started with a sketch, we were adding shadows and blurring them to give a more special touch to our project, we continued with adding touches of light, lighting to give more realism to the project, we were observing errors, and strokes of what was the main sketch.

Polishing, and polishing. We add feeling, we place its history, its origin.
And finally, we have placed a beautiful background that contrasted with our project..

Illustrate your dreams, you day by day.
Cover photo, property of @pixabay, free photo gallery.
Copywriting, and illustration of my property.
@Néstor David, MediaMac INC, Mel'art .
All rights reserved ©.

Enna's archives: a dress to impress
This illustration was never inked and never published before. Nevertheless ... I hope you enjoy her dress ;) #modelling #art #drawings #fashion
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