Patacon Zuliano

In my country we have 20 states and the Zuliana region is one of the most populated and loved, its inhabitants are known with the people of Maracuchos.
In Maracaibo we have great monuments such as the Chiquinquirá Basilica and the majestic Bridge over Lake Maracaibo, the state capital.
Without a doubt, the most impressive thing is its varied cuisine, I will only mention a few delicacies:
* Arepas served with shredded meat, roasted chicken or ham and cheese.
* Cachapas with hand cheese and cream,
* Caraotas or black flijol with fried banana and rice,
* Pork chicharon with arepa or cachapas
* Boiled chicken or fish.
* Quesillo
*Banana cake
*Auyama cake
*Buns pelones
* Chocolate, vanilla and marbled cakes,
* Canned milk
and of course #pataconzuliano of which I will show you the recipe.


To make this delicacy, you need:

2 thin thin caps of fried banana, can be green or ripe.

For the filling:

Hand cheese,
Yellow cheese
And baked leg, chicken or shredded meat or roasted chicken breast,
Sauces to taste (red, white and mustard)


Cut a green banana in half
Fry for 10 minutes both pieces in plenty of hot oil, until golden brown, drain in a colander.
Place a plastic bag cut on the sides forming two lids that are placed on a wooden board or on the top of the kitchen
Cover the banana piece with the plastic bag and crush with a plate or glass until you get a flat lid.
Fry in hot oil until toasted
Repeat with the other piece of banana
Place a lid and fill with what is indicated.
Then put the other lid on. It can be served as a sandwich or you can serve the filling in both tapas as if they were small plates.

Taste with a cold drink.

I am not currently in the land of the sun amada, (that's what they call Maracaibo, the hottest city in the country) but I continue to prepare traditional dishes so as not to lose the essence of maracucha and love for ours.

Personal photos of the Bridge, the Basilica and the Patacon that I prepared for my son this week.

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