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How to Install Peacock on ANY ROKU TV ( Different Ways)

Peacock is one of the best apps that you can download for your tv well in today's tech video i'm going to show you three different ways of how to install peacock on your roku tv it can be really frustrating if you want to watch some of the great content that is on peacock and you find that your tv is unable to download it if your tv is an older model of smart tv then it could prevent you from downloading this app so the way that i'm going to show you how to install peacock will be able to work on any model of tv on any year of tv you just have to have an hdmi port on your tv to plug into i recommend getting a roku stick. This media streaming player  have the capability to download peacock. You would then use a roku as your main streaming player which  bypasses the operating system on your tv. This devices plug into the hdmi port on your tv no matter how old it is no matter what model it is.

How to turn on Subtitles in Peacock on Roku TV
Its easy but, uh subtitles on peacock if it ever loads, sometimes takes forever. Start your device just open it up you can hit watch now , just turn it on. At start up there are a bunch of messages to watch and it takes like forever for the ads to go through. You may  have to wait for three minutes of ads.. Afterwards your movie should start to play. Scroll down to the timeline and click on provider company name/logo if  our subtitles are not appearing may be  is there any talking yet, nope! Okay. Now slide over to subtitles click on it, hit English and you have subtitles. Go ahead and click play.  Just stop the timeline and navigate over  to subtitles. When it pop up to English click it and you're good. Now go ahead and play subtitles are on all

How to fix Peacock Doesn't Work.

There are a lot of potential reasons why you might be experiencing trouble on peacock tv. Here  how to fix the most common problems with peacock tv on your roku device and get your peacock tv back up and running as quickly as possible. The first one it's the easiest one to try and as to unplug your tv from the wall outlet and wait  seconds now don't be impatient here wait the whole  seconds then plug it back in this is very different from turning your tv on and off with your remote control this is what is called a hard reset of your tv so make sure you do this . If that doesn't work then find your router that is giving you wi-fi and unplug the power to that for  seconds then plug it back in if it fixes it great if not move on to the next method try deleting the peacock tv app on your tv go to wherever the apps are located on your system and remove the app all-together then reinstall the peacock tv app again after you reinstall it you might have to log back in with all your credentials but hopefully this would work. If that doesn't work then its recommended you buy an affordable roku stick and plug that into your tv and use that as your main streaming player, You'll be able to access peacock tv that way

Peacock TV Roku Not Working How To Fix Peacock App Not Working On Roku TV

First of all, you need to make sure you’re running the latest version of the app. Press the “home button” on your roku remote; And then head over to the Peacock TV App.

Once the app is highlighted; Press the “star button” on your roku remote to open the

options menu. Channel information will begin to load, and then eventually it will pop up with a menu that gives you some options. Click where it says “check for updates” to make sure you’re running the latest version of the app.

Once it’s updated, check if it fixes the issue.

But, if you still encounter this issue; then you need to hard restart your Roku device. So the first step is to turn off your Roku device using the remote. Then unplug the power cable from the power outlet. Wait for  to  minutes; and then plug the power cable back in, and turn it back on.This should fix the issue, but if it doesn’t; then you need to completely reinstall the Peacock TV app.

From the homescreen, head over to the "Peacock TV App". Once the app is highlighted; Press the “star button” on your roku remote; and then click on “remove channel” from the pop up menu. It's going to ask for “confirmation”, so click on ‘remove’ to uninstall the app from your device. Once uninstalled, Press the “home button” on your roku remote.

From here, just use the remote and scroll down until you get to where it says “streaming channels” and then click “okay” on your remote.

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