Perfection kills beauty...

“Perfection kills the beauty of sustainable living”

Old shoes.

Old shoes still run quite well,
they even feel like a glove on my foot.

No blisters, I shoot in with great ease.
Smooth and nice and loose, no not tight at all.

Why should I be difficult,
why invest extra?
You know, you can even learn from old shoes.

They show precisely because of the damage to a seasoned life,
that we can pass on sustainability.

We often live so dissatisfied,
so with a view of what the other person does.
A stain or a scratch often doesn't feel good to us.

Like an eyesore, with a voice that responds dismissively,
we were soon influenced and returned to 'the mass'.

Why is it so important to know what the other person does.
Old shoes run really well!

They are molded to your shape,
not to another person's norm.
They are molded to your convenience,
therefore paint those disapproving eyes a bit more often.

You know, educated young, done old
and walk with a scratch,
well I'm sure that will go well too.

Perfection kills the beauty of sustainable living,
a replacement too early can cause a burden.

Therefore, always consider your choices carefully
and think before you actually get rid of those old shoes forever.

What suits you?
Forming life, is like an old shoe and, you know,
she sits like a glove.
What suits you?
Put it on, dude. at least you didn't go wrong.

Your life, your choice, ok.
sometimes the other person doesn't like it.
But choose your own shoes.
No, that really can't be wrong.

by: a Voice of Thoughts 💭

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