Performing animals on the field

Animals on the football field

t.g.v. ISA's 10th birthday

Recently, two beasts on the ice overfloat. But also on the football field are somewhat vague figures hunting for a place on stage. They, too, behave occasionally beastly. Yet, given their supporters, it does not excite them.

To begin with, we put the number 10 of the orange lieuwinds in the spotlight. A Schwalbe in her time is not strange to her. That's why she's nominated for the title podium beast. But as a reigning European champion and, of course, vice world champion Danielle van de Donk has earned her podium place.


One of her big fans is a true promoter of women's football. At Isa Bos the 10 is in her age. In itself, of course, already worthy of a podium place. So young and then already so influential. Moreover, meanwhile many birds near the Rhine of her talent on the field.

Deze maand is het kernwoord in de @140woorden uitdaging: podium beast . An inspiring word in the realisation of this contribution.

The photo collage is built with photos from Facebook.


Hey the Instagram and YouTube account of Isa recently blocked and/or gone out of the air. On Facebook She's still there.

If this is going to take shape again, will you help her by liking, sharing, etc?

And maybe you can congratulate her (via Facebook for example) on her 10th birthday (21-02-21)... ☺

Along this way in any case from my side: congratulations on your 10th birthday, Isa!

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