How a mindset matters, The road to success!

What if when we change our mind we can unlock our full potential? What if when we find out how to reprogram the mind we are starting to shine and to unlock that great talent that is inside of each of us?
I get inspired every day by a lot of success stories, and I see that it matters what we say about our road to success or the words we use to give our dream or passion strength. It matters if you say I'll never get there, or if you say I'm not there YET but I'm about to get there.

Let's move into a new post that's all about how a mindset matters, do we talk about it like it's just a little dream? Or do we find motivation in the failure? And what about the mountains, The things we heap up in our mind, do we beat ourselves in our mind? Or do we awaken the hero inside of us? I find out time after time, that it matters so much that you are carrying the right mindset. That you proclaim the right words about your success!

But there is a thing that stops us from being successful, that stops us from chasing our dreams. It is the words we proclaim over our dream our passion or our plan. We come up with I will never be successful like I thought because I don't have the this and the that. Or we say yes it'll still take more than twenty years to get there, I can never reach or achieve that goal. Why we do that?
It 's a kind of self beaters club where we join every time, because we don't see it happening too fast enough, or there are maybe friends or people around us who never believe in our dream.

Or the biggest huddle maybe our mind... We look too often to the gap, or once again as I said in my first post the grass on the other side, Look at their life.... wow Look at that big car, or look at that big house, or look at the gap. What? Yes the gap.... The gap between you and the dream, at least that is what you think. Following so many success stories I see that a lot of people who are at the top have a story, they went through so many obstacles, but those obstacles made them strong. Ok, that's pretty nice to read all this information but in need a helping hand in this mess. Let me give you a helping hand!

A guide to reprogram the mind day by day.

Here I want to give u guidance a helping hand, with how I start my day to have the right mindset that supports me in achieving the goal that I have in mind for this life.
The place you probably arrive the first time in the morning is the mirror, I challenge you when you look to yourself in the mirror to say ''I'm going to achieve success today, ''I am on the way to a bigger purpose''.

Visualise your dream, what motivates you? Or what keeps you up and running? Write about your passion or the goal you want to reach, and change the way you think about it. And meditate about it, do you feel doubt when you write about your passion? Change the words in your mind with I am not there YET but I am on the way to get there.

Change your focus, focus on what you already have and be grateful for it, Ok I have passion, and what are the skills the opportunities that I already have to realise this dream, or to realise what I want for the future, or for now. Whatever you have in mind, what skills you already have to keep on moving forward? Make those skills stronger, make the thoughts about your success stronger, give them a ground in your life.
And don't belittle yourself.

What I try to realise, a small sneak peek into my dream.

Just like everybody I also have dreams, and things I want to reach, and I apply this method that I just wrote down for you every day because I too experience hardships especially in this time where covid 19 seems to take many lives. My dream and it's pretty romantic I think at the same time to create a better world. But I use this method to realise my dream, I aim to live in Bali one day together with my fiancé and then-wife of course. And also there I wish to be of change in my lives because is simply love to be the smile to people or to motivate people when they don't feel it anymore. I have seen too many talents in my life that didn't go after it. Or people who could really achieve more, but they simply don't do it, because fear is taking a hold of them or they don't believe in themselves. And there I see mindset matters. In my personal life, I also have a part-time job and I blog simply because I'm passionate about blogging and writing. And is my way always easy? No, I need to live with the distance, but what I believe is that it's all temporary, and it won't be forever. Every day I try to apply this mindset guide! And it works! I hope to inspire you once again in the next post.
I hope that I can step by step motivate you to become the best success story ever because that's what you deserve