Personalized Nutrition

#Voedingsproducenten as Nestlé, Mars and FrieslandCampina are committed to 'personalised nutrition'. That's eating based on your personal health and habits.They collect a lot of data about consumers.
“What is healthy for one doesn't have to be for another,” says Machiel Reinders of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). He does research into personalized nutrition.
For example, children need a lot of protein, and older people need more calcium. And those who have too high blood pressure will benefit from a low sodium diet, but with diabetes, carbohydrate-restricted nutrition is better.

Companies in the food industry also see opportunities. FrieslandCampina and Jumbo are participating in the research of the WUR and research institute TNO. This research is funded by both public and private funds.

Also candy manufacturer Mars, who wants to get rid of its unhealthy image, and the Swiss food giant Nestlé focus on personalised food. “This is also a big theme in many of our food and beverage categories,” says Nestlé's boss Mark Schneider.
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Playing with fire
But there is also criticism. Food technologist IJsbrand Velzeboer calls personal food 'dangerous terrain' for companies. “You sit on the chair of the GP.”
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