What a Sunday. continuous nose glasses with oxygen (air filter). Partly because I need it, partly because I don't have enough oxygen bottles anymore and can't be delivered until Thursday. I see up against the next few days. Switching diaper immediately in bed, because getting out of bed, in the scooter, where then the clean diaper is already in too much energy and so

For a few days there has been little wind, no matter how many windows and doors I open against each other. This also leads to 'bad air' (smog) from the vultures linger. That is a disadvantage if you live in the polder. at the pulmonologist for this Tuesday will have to be canceled again, because I have no small (transport) oxygen bottles either. 

So it's not easy, but try to keep as much as possible my regular routine. Fortunately, those nose glasses do give lighting and I don't breathe all the time, which is also very tiring. Especially at such moments I try to distract myself and write a lot, as you have noticed in the past few days. The question of how long I can (and want to) keep this up again comes to the surface.

Now I am a fighter and I just want to go to a specialist once, to see if there are any possibilities. There are a few things that I think are not entirely right and I would like to answer that. I'm not having to take these measures.

Now, after posting this blog, I'm going to push myself to change myself, so I'm going to do it for

lunch is fresh and after that you can take a nap, hopefully, with glasses and everything.
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Education loss and mourning youths
#workshop   #onlineworkshop   #lezing   #onlinelezing #education   #education In my practice From Caterpillar to Butterfly I offer lectures, workshops and online courses to parents, educators and professionals who want to know more about the process of loss and mourning among young people. From an early age I learned what loss was. However, at that time there was little or no talk about the feelings and emotions that were bothering me as a result of this loss experience. Again and again these were pushed aside again, they were not allowed to be there. You can imagine that this has a significant impact on how you develop yourself? Especially if you endure a loss experience at an early age. It is therefore my goal with my practice to break the taboo talking about loss with young people. loss is also part of life!  - In my lectures, workshops and online courses I offer attention to what is actually loss. I also pay attention to the development in case of loss, how does a youthful normally develop and how if it is going through a loss? Many more aspects are covered. Feel free to take a look at my website or leave a message if you have any questions about loss and mourning among young people. Maybe I'll be able to dedicate a blog.
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The 140 breadcrumbs or so... (9)
#140w In the challenge of the month of May with the word 'breadcrumbs' I will tell today a story from the world of the world of the world-famous dedective Sherlook Olmas and his friend Doctor Watzoon (a nod to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson), here come my 140 words: Watzoon looked frowning at Detective Sjerlook Olmas. “Not so gloomy, Watzoon,” replied Olmas, “When one excludes the impossible, what rest, strange as it may be, must be the solution”. Olmas intervened in a murder case at the request of Inspector Destraat. They were looking at the body of the neighborhood butcher. Olmas used his magnifying glass to search for clues. “What you notice?’ Watzoon scraped his throat: “Blood, lots of blood!”. Sjerlook shook his head. Dr. Watzoon would have to learn a lot before he became a good detective.. “Yes, he was making black pudding, but I think the baker is the killer.!” “No, Sjerlook, in black pudding there's bread?” “Yes, sometimes, but look at the sign on the counter at the black pudding!” Watzoon read: “Our blood sausage with oatmeal instead of bread for those who are allergic to bread like me!” © Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere