Photo inspiration 3, sense of spring


Next few days the weather will be super nice. (Hmm I think I already mentioned that in my previous blog!) Then nature comes back to life, pay attention! That for tropical butterflies you do not have to travel far away, I show in these photos. All orthem are made in the Netherlands, in the Butterfly garden the greenhouse in Zutphen.

Also in Utrecht is a beautiful botanical garden where you can photograph tropical flowers and butterflies. You still have to wait for that.from 30 March the Butterfly greenhouse in Zutphen will be open again, from the beginning orMarch you can go to the botanical garden in Utrecht. These photos will certainly give you a taste, to make you excited for shooting!

You'll soon think these photos were taken with a macro lens. With flowers that's fine, butterflies fly, especially when the weather is nice, quickly away when you get close. Personally, I like working better touse a telephoto lens so that Ifar away can still get close. You understand? I'm 1.5 meters away and I'm buzzing in so I can get aclose-up ornear-macro Cut out get!

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Papillio dardanus

Passion fritillary

Heliconius melpomene