Photo inspiration 5, spring walk

One of the early flowering plants in the spring is the Willow, Salix. Not a very striking flower method, but because the rest of the trees and shrubs are still so bald, the yellow tubs stand out! These are the

known kittens.

Prize of Hon or, Veronica

A beautiful little blue flower whose petals are fused together If you would like to pull the petals off (she loves me, she loves me, she loves me

not from me...) then you pull the whole flower off the flowerbase in one go, where you often remove each petal loose from other flowers!

Small coltsfoot, a nice fact of

This plant is that the inflorescence appears first, and only then the rosette of leaves around the stem. The small scales on the stem are small leaves, but the rosette of leaves that come after are much more noticeable. Tussilago fara. Family of the dandelion, the composite family.


In the composites you actually see a lot of flowers in a group, where you talk about 'the flower' it is actually a composition of a lot of small flowers!

More than a hundred!

What fun they are, also a real spring messenger! Jumping lambs in the meadow! Of this species (I forgot the name...) a twin is quite common, but here even a quintuplets were born! Well with a Caesarean section, the mother had a nice zipper on her stomach! 

This beautiful lady I had to take a picture again! Afterwards finished with a black and white filter. Fortunately, nowadays you also see more and more cows with horns in the meadow! That's how cows are supposed to be!

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