Photo inspiration part 1

As a result of my previous Blog, questions were raised about my own photos! Of course, that is always fun, which means that I make people curious and that stimulates!

I photograph all kinds of subjects myself. Everything has been photographed but the composition, the perspective and the minimal post-processing make sure that the pictures are reallyown photos be!

A photo in black and white. Consciously converted because the original photo had a lot of contrast due to the bright light, in black and white this is a strength, where in color it often makes the photo less beautiful.

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Urban Photography

A day in urban (or urbex). Stroll through old industrial areas in the Netherlands and abroad. It's just the old, gone, that tells a story in my opinion. I tried to reinforce that story by putting a sepia filter over it.

This picture looks great in an industrial interior, or in an industrial office! Nice on brushed aluminium for example!


Next door, you can see a Hoornate. The picture was taken in the fall, which kept him quiet because of the low temperature. The hornet is a wasp (also called horse wasp) that is at least twice the size of the 'normal wasp'. Due to the climate changes we see him more and more often in the Netherlands.


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