Everyone is gathering
so they can help build,
to a tree that will bring smiling
a food that will make the heart beat.

Nature participates:
the fertile land becomes,
birds scatter seeds
and while they sing the tree grows.

The clouds are finally gathering
they give water but not too much
the sun wants to give its help,
rays that cover with golden light.

The roots grow majestically
and the earth is separated in its path,
they finally absorb nutrients,
They protect the tree with a hug.

Beets give their sweet touch,
hummingbirds help with taste,
people reap the fruits,
Chocolate was finally created!

This is the origin of the eighth wonder
the father of chocolate was finally created,
Cocoa tree scatter your seeds now!
Fill the bitter moments with joy!

#photography  #hotchocolate  #rauwecacao