Photography Highlights

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Picture 1) this was a sunset i discovered and tried my Pro Mode on (Huawaii P30 lite)

Pic 2) Summer 2020 i believe. An Adonis Blue (as pointed out to me) who seemed friendly enough and sat on my thumb. (Picture taken on a Canon 550D)

Pic 3) a lucky shot i guess. This was my go to Beverage until it got discontinued. Some form of putting an object in scene. (Taken on Canon 550D)

Pic 4) Carnival season in 2020, My friends and I in a circle wearing our costumes and drinking chanpagne. The picture seemed asthethic to me.(Canon 550D)

Pic 5) a true perfection. The sprayart is not there anymore but i captured and safed this piece of art while it was there. I took the picture because ot was unfinished and unperfect. (Canon 550D)

Pic 6) My eye, i wanted to finally see my true eyecolor. No filter just noise erasure on the picture and some lighting cha ges. (Adobe Lightroom.)

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