Photography: the world and a backpack (II)

We continue our journey around Asia and Oceania with photos of animals that caught my eye. There are a few more of these to come in a future post!

Chick and calf

During a three-day bike ride through the Central Highlands of Vietnam (with me on the back and my guide in the driver's seat), I visited a small local village where I got to witness this sweet little moment and save it forever with my camera.


The flight of the bats

An awe-inducing scene in Battambang, Cambodia, as hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions?) of bats leave their cave and fill the skies for minutes on end every evening.


Worms that glow

Deep in the heart of New Zealand's Waitomo caves, the glowworms turn the underground darkness into a starry night sky. While this photograph couldn't possibly do justice to these little critters of the dark, I still love the pearly-like quality of their threads as they turned out in the photo below.


Sleeping bambeaooty

The way this panda at the Chengdu Panda Base was sleeping with such abandon makes me crack a smile every time.