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Create your reality !

Create your reality !

A normal saturday for me is one with the excitement of the soccer game, noisy children in the morning and the smell of wet grass. My mission is to take care of the team, to make sure their needs are being met ! We do not always play in perfect conditions, it happens now & then that we arrive in locker rooms that are quite modern and normal, others literally stink, are dirty and moldy ! This saturday was the perfect example of a smelly and moldy one !

The moment we arrived in our lockers, the children started complaining : “what a smell in here”, ”I believe someone peed in here” “what is that disgusting brown spot on the wall…? “I think it is shit.”, ”I am not even considering to take a shower in here!” To put things to the max when I picked their presumably freshly washed laundry out of the bag even their clothes smelled moldy and felt wet. Well that set the tone for the day !

I turned around in amazement when I heard a player in the background saying : “Well, not me I smell roses !” I immediately thought what an intelligent remark ! It really is remarkable and I will tell you why !

Here is one kid who refuses to see what is, and decides to see only his preference ! Unconsciously knowing that this is the way reality creating really works.

We limit ourselves when we only use our 5 senses to move in this world. With our senses we are perceiving the outside world and we are reacting to the things that show up in our world, we are reacting to situations and circumstances, putting meaning on them all the time, interpreting them as good or bad.


Like that one boy, we can always decide to “only see what we prefer to see”. With our willpower we can decide what we want to experience !

In order for us to create we have to superimpose our will, our desire, our preference upon what we call our reality. If we see something we don’t like or don’t want we have the ability to change our focus (our vision) and only choose our preference.

In order to have what you want, you have to be prepared and willing to see a different reality for yourself and internalizing it, making it yours by believing in it, having faith in it. Even if you are the only one seeing it ! Meaning you give no meaning to your current situation !

The one who is able to smell roses amidst shit, has woken up to the truth that he or she is the creator of his/her reality, their YOUniverse.

Whatever you give attention to will play the dominant part in your life. You can overpower your reality by choosing the quality of life you wish to experience. You can dominate your reality, because there is no outside world apart of what you inwardly see !

Thanks kid for the reminder !

Phuro! Be inspired!

Ik ben ook heel hard bezig met creëeren van mijn realiteit. Focussen op wat je WEL hebt en kan!!
29-03-2017 09:52
29-03-2017 09:52 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Telkens blij als ik zie dat ook anderen hun dromen waarmaken en zich focussen op wat ze graag doen !
29-03-2017 13:24
29-03-2017 13:24 • Reageer