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Kick ass !

If I would be a car, no doubt about it I would be a muscle car, having that bad ass look & attitude ! I would be a classic, stylish and elegant, not pimped up to something I’m not ! I would have a powerful engine, not a brand new one, one that already has driven a thousand of miles, that has brought me to undiscovered areas, that has cruised desert lanes ! I would feel unbeatable, unstoppable ! Whether in an obscure street race, or at home, exciting experiences would still have my gaspedal pushed to the maximum ! If I would be a car, I would kick ass because I know I could. We all are muscle cars, we all are built and destined to be powerful ! Don't hide yourself in some dusty barn where no one can find you ! Kick ass like a bad ass !

I love this type cars old and ferry fast
14-04-2017 09:46
14-04-2017 09:46 • 1 reactie • Reageer
en blijft zijn uitstraling bewaren !
14-04-2017 09:51
14-04-2017 09:51 • Reageer