Piece of luck...

Yesterday morning it wasn't quite cozy in the house. Daughter 2 had some start-up problems, and Mom went along nicely with that. What do you mean the moods are strengthened? Daughter 1 is going to cuddle with you, even though there was no time for that because Mom had overslept.
The warm arms around you in the early morning ensure that everything goes a little better.

The chaos of the daughter 2 taking a shower, putting on clothes, smearing mom bread for breakfast, making mama drums for school, is finally time for #KOFFIE ...

Three of us are sitting at the table. The ladies eat their sandwich and Mom stares out. The time of year causes the sky to show different colors early in the morning. From my chair visibly through the trees the soft pink with soft blue and white colors with a bang orange sun.
Because moment my eyes start to sting a bit, as a reflex I blink firmly with my eyes a few times and I feel a warm but cold tear slipping down my cheek. It gives a feeling of scratchiness which I don't like for now and wipe it right away.

Daughter 1 asks me if I'm crying. I turn my head towards her and honestly tell her I don't know. “But, Mama, you wiped a tear, and you cry, right?”
I'm trying to explain to her that Mommy Nature makes me happy.
She looks at me and I'm going to go on with my story.
“Honey, when I look out and see the colors of Mommy Nature, I get warm inside. It's going to tingle a little in my belly, and that heat that loosens it goes gently through my belly towards my toes and towards my head. The tear in this case means happiness. Lucky that we can and can live here in our beautiful house and see how beautiful mother nature is'.
Two blue eyes look at me and I see a twinkle appearing. Her eyes light up and a broad smile appears on her face. “Mommy, I know what you mean. Come see, I've seen something too.”

At the same time, we shift the seats back to stand up. She's waving the gesture to me. Come stand here. And then says in a soft tone, “Mom, look at that tree, the first of the three white trees.”
I immediately see what she meant, and I feel a little tingling in my eyes again and feel the butterflies dancing in my belly. “Yes, sweetie, this is what Mommy means.”

I get two warm arms around me and get a kiss on my cheek... those are the #gelukt moments of life.

Daughter 2 asks what we see. I ask her to come and she does so with all her curiosity.
'Oh, mama, those are mushrooms, the red with white testicles! Will leprechaun spillebeen be somewhere?”
So we have until we go to school a wonderful conversation about the beautiful #paddestoelen and the #herfst .