Pimping bags workshop package

Do you have a birthday party soon? And you're looking for a fun and cool idea? Then editing your own cotton bag is super cool to make! You make it with special textile paint. This paint can be used from 2 years { uiteraard onder volledig toezicht}

Mucki Set water-based finger paint suitable for textiles and suitable for children Must dry and ironed for 24 hours after decoration for washable durability. Then washable at max. 40° C

Children love dyeing. Normally this happens with a brush. You do this with your hand and/ or fingers. In addition, you use paint blot sponges. These have a wooden handle and a sturdy sponge. With this sponge you have the possibility to stamp beautiful patterns. You can make a kind of mandala and make colors come back again and again. You can also use the roundness of this sponge to. make a balloon as you can see in the hand example. With these sponges you can also paint your fingers/ hand so you can distribute it well.

Soon that workshop package will be available on the website. Inquire about the possibilities. @Trixx Creative

What do you need?

- Mucki finger paint for textiles (4 colors)

- Paper plate and paper cup

- Black textile pen

- Paint dep sponges set of 3 large and 1 small

How to make it?

For the dot pattern:

1. Put a little paint on the paper plate.

2. To determine the middle use a paper cup. Using the sponge, press paint on the edge and make an impression of the cup on your bag

3. Press with the sponge into it so that there is enough paint on it

4. Now press the sponge on the bag and hold it in this place so that the paint fits well on the bag

5. Vary in the patterns and colors and give it your own interpretation!

For the hand pattern:

1. Paint your hand with the sponges. Use all 4 colors and spread it over your hand

2. Press the hand on the bag (do not wait too long with stamping because paint dries quickly on your warm hand)

3. Make balloons by stamping circles scattered from the hand

4. When the hand and balloons are dry, draw winding strings from hand to balloon

5. You can also stamp the edge of the bag and rods with the small sponge.

Here are some nice inspiration with fingerprint and handprint with finger paint on my Pinterest board!




Here a nice workshop package but then with a backpack to pimp yourself!

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Cover - Kiss from a rose - Seal
#cover   #kissfromarose   #seal   #improvisation   #piano   #onlyplan   #pianomusic   #music This afternoon I was practicing on the piano again.. Do you know the song Kiss from a rose by Seal? The song was released in 1994 and was re-released in 1995 as a soundtrack for the film Batman Forever. I think it's a wonderful song and totally fun as a challenge on the piano. So it was a little jamming and improvising this afternoon. So I went randomly just record in 1 x and I didn't know what I was going through for a riedles would start throwing. It's a pity about that one false note, but that's also part of practice and improvise and luckily I play through. Just a snapshot and also on video you can see that. I'm not at all busy how I get on the video or stand haha, given my mimicry in the face. Supreme concentration and occasional crooked mouth. Hahaha, well what's the matter, I'll just do it. Have a lot of listening! Kiss from Madeleine
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What's your guilty pleasure?
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