Playing with yourself ;)

(English version of my Dutch blog  as requested by some friends)

Dear reader,

This is another blog from Denise and my first translated blog. It´s all about a question I have: “Is it weird to play with yourself while in a relationship?”

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a while now. He´s got a job and I do not. So during the day, I am home alone and sometimes it happens that I feel like having sex, or at least pleasure myself. So when this happens I will go to our bedroom and start playing with myself.  I am not ashamed of it and I enjoy this pampering of myself extensively.

But I sometimes wonder if this is weird as I do have a boyfriend to play with?

And taking it one step further. What if your boyfriend is at home and you secretly sneak upstairs using an excuse, just to go up and play with yourself.  What if he catches you in the act? Would you then be ashamed or talk to him in such a way that he will join you?

Or what if you caught your boyfriend?  What if he is lying there on the bed with his bare torso and his XL in his hand, what would your first reaction be? Would you get angry? Would you help him out? Or would you turn around and walk away pretending this never happened?

Personally I think it would be super hot to see him there, holding his .... And I would immediately take off my clothes and crawl on the bed and pick up where he left off. Kissing him and making him feel amazingly good.....;)

Sex should be enjoyed and enjoyable for both parties, together and by yourself. Sex is something beautiful and I think that pampering yourself is also is part of that beauty.

But this does not answer the question if it´s normal to have the need to be playing with yourself during a relationship? Is it weird to have that urge ... is it me being super horny?

Or is it normal and do we all do it, but do not tell?

Share your advice, tips, feedback, whatever you can think of :) That might help Denise and perhaps many others to have even better adventures filled with sensuality.


Because my blogs are often very open and about my personal experiences in the world of sexuality and sensuality I do not post them on my own Social Media.

But my guess is that there are many young women out there just like me wanting to share their experiences, or read about ours. Hence if you agree feel free to share my blogs once in a while.

Sharing helps!

                                                                               Bless you Denise, x