Brazilian developer Statera Studio announced today that it has started a crowdfunding  campaign  for its new fighting game  Pocket Bravery . With retro aesthetics, great technical precision and a unique vision for the genre, Pocket Bravery has been building a strong and committed fan community since its reveal announcement in 2020.

Inspired by absolute arcade classics like  Street Fighter ,  The King of Fighters  and  Fatal Fury ,  Pocket Bravery  has visual style in SD format and draws from the source of the acclaimed fighting games of the late  Neo Geo Pocket Color  and also the popular  Pocket Fighter.

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The crowdfunding campaign is now live and remains active for 30 days in the “all or nothing” modality and if the goal is not reached, the  contribution  money is returned. The global funding campaign has secret goals and rewards exclusive to the Brazilian public with reduced values ​​proportional to the national exchange rate.

There are several contribution options that lead to different rewards: from the possibility of becoming a Beta tester, receiving a digital artbook and even creating your own character for the game! Extended goals also include a new game mode (Tag Strike), character color editing, a mobile version and even new characters.

In  Pocket Bravery  you use the directional pad and four buttons, two for punches and two for kicks. Combining these commands it is possible to perform traditional fighting game moves, as well as special, super special or even the final attack.

Each character has a physical, or even supernatural, element to represent their strength. During fights it is possible to accumulate 2 attacks on the elemental bar. Through this system, players can perform elemental attacks that have unique characteristics of each character and that bring new offensive or defensive possibilities.

The game will have 11 characters at launch with Arcade Mode, VS Mode, Training, Online, some extra modes and an original game mode called Combo Maker, which will teach novice players how to unleash mind-blowing combos that until then only pro-players could manage do.

Pocket Bravery, the stylish SD pixel art fighting game opens its crowdfunding campaign