Poem 'Desires'

Below I find one of my most beautiful poems ever.

In 2017 posted as a 'Message Board' but this one deserves to be placed in a slightly more valuable context, I think. With this as a beautiful photo poem...



Desire for you, so intense
I saw you standing, beautiful, tall and slender
Can't handle this,
I'm just human.

Your eyes, beautiful and brown, a little close,
when you smile.
You're so sweet, even though I don't know you.
But share the night with me.

Now you walk on to the platform
Get on the train, to Roozendaal
Five minutes, I knew you.
But it was worth it

A hand on my shoulder,
a soft voice
I am frightened, and awak,
Look around, a man, a little older
“Do you take the tram?”

Suddenly, the train departs,
see him through the window.
a wink to me,
I really saw it.

“The tram, the tram,” says the old man
He seems confused.
“I'll go with you, where will you go?”
“I don't know, I'm alone”

“Me too,” I said
And cried softly.


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