The moon and the sun saw each other for the first time,

They fell head over heels in love there was no setback,

Both were overcome with great sadness,

Realizing that day and night would be a huge obstacle,

The moon came to light up the cold and hot night,

The sun was called the outstanding star king,

The sad and fragile moon turned,

Seeing his suffering the sun went to God and groaned,

'Help the moon that she is fragile and will not bear loneliness',

In his great compassion God the stars at his side scattered in great quantity,

This in time I do not get to the moon to console,


Today the two live apart without being able to find each other,

The sun burns in love for her and she lives in the darkness of her sorrow,

The lonely but strong sun and she by the solitude fastened with a chain,


But no love is impossible

Not even the love of the sun and the moon

Patiently together they live waiting for a moment,

Protagonists of a love that lasts waiting a few minutes to love each other,

They may not be together but someday they will meet in an eclipse ...


The sun and the moon..