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- Doctor. - Doctor

Lying in your room.
The paper crackles under my bare back.
Carefully, you touch my breasts.
You act tenderly, but the touch feels stiff.

Maybe you worked in your garden this weekend.
I let go my thoughts.
Tasty, you go on,
while I'm waiting.

You asked me questions and took your time.
Seriously investigating, comprehensive.
Our eyes just had occasional contact.
Finding each other was quite toned down by awkward.

Me, in my bare upper body, you as discreet as you can.
Professional, but still a situation between woman and man.
Your hands were rough, but your eyes were warm and soft.
You, too, did not expect this outcome.

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This poem comes from the collection OTHER LIFE...

A bundle about forging, fighting, hope and trust. Breakdown by chemo, but also rebuilding.
A collection about friendship and accepting, but also about life and learning.
Breast cancer... it happened to me. Breast cancer... has decreased a portion.
Yet it has also given a part. I call it “Other Life”!

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Including all images and more information, please click on the link below: (NOTE the bundle is not yet complete) https://yoo.rs/nl/angelienahuis/blog/borstkanker-ander-leven-een-gedichtenbundel-over-borstkanker-1581714975.html?Ysid=89027 INTRODUCTION...
August 2013, it happened to me too. Cancer took my breasts away.
Three surgeries in just one year. Because I also lost the ovaries.
After exactly one year, I was back. Hospital, chemo and build-up, it all happened so fast.
The bundle will be about my battle, that which has happened to me. Fighting cancer, it didn't happen in my dreams at the time.
Also attention to not giving up, fighting and moving. Is a goal of Bundle Other Life.
By writing this bundle, I have been able to process a lot. I hope it can strengthen you!
My thanks go to all, so much support through all misery. I enjoyed it and it kept me going.

Poems bundle... OTHER LIFE
A bundle written by Angeliena Huis
ISBN/EAN: 9789492539007 © Publishing A voice of thoughts, Halsteren €10, -

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