A Drop Of Water Can't Understand The Sea.

#poetry Creative persons think differently. They refuse to cast themselves in the same dilapidated mould of the society and maintain their own unique identity.

As a society likes pliable, lifeless "statues", writers are often derided, misunderstood and considered "dangerous creatures".

This composition of mine is for all who have been suffering immensely at the hands of hoi polloi for not subscribing to their useless practices and stupid beliefs.

Hope you like it :

Perspectives of my rivals no longer displease me.
Droplets of water can't understand the mighty sea.

Now I refuse to get offended by slanderous talk or jibe.
Stones are pelted only at fruits grown mature and ripe.

When I view the mirror, I feel reassured and fine.
At least someone knows me, in this home of mine.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~