"Uncle, I wanna confide something in you?" said a young son of my friend, rather shyly.
"Sure, my boy. Go ahead without any hesitation" I said.
"Uncle, I'm in love with a very pretty classmate of mine. Can you guide me as to how to approach her and win her heart?
Also let me know your experiences when you were first hit by the cupid's arrow."

Of late, I have found that young persons are more than willing to open their hearts to me due to the following two reasons :
(a) They have found a sympathetic listener in me.
(b) To some extent, I have been successful in discerning their problems, impulses. I sincerely try to resolve their worries.

Well, the first two stanzas of my following composition tells about my "experiences" while the last stanza is in response to his request for some "tips".

Velvety roses, pricks of thorns, remarks so snide.
In love you will receive all these, side by side.

She has gifted me agonies of many a kind.
Some she recalls, some have slipped my mind.

The things or ways which are most effective.
For you, to smoothly achieve your objective.
I will explain all these, to make your path clear.
Let me first take a break, I'm still in transit my dear.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

I'm Still In Transit!