In the depths of my heart that feeling died
And my soul in her sobs no longer hopes
Of its sapidity taste the bitterness
Which day after day obsesses and consumes me.

Nothing bewitches me any more, nothing influences me any more
My years so full of hell and suffering
In the jails of an impure and ungrateful love
Alas, leave me longing a quick death.

I saw him with a smile by my side
And I fully welcomed him
When he can break the chain
And also release me of the heavy sentence.

But my sweetheart's musical voice
Whispered : " If you want me you destiny
Hold on to life and keep hoping
Be patient, I'm coming to free you".

Yes, sweetheart, I'll be patient
My heart will be firm, brave and valiant
With you, my life would be more languid
But rather blissful, fulfilling and soothing.

My sweetheart