Dear peers, please allow me to make my very first post here. It's a poem I wrote in one breath, upon deciding to ride on the inspiration of a farewell moment, rather than surrender to sadness. Have a great week!
#poetry #leaving


Seasons change, new winds entice
Pulverizing our old dreams
Previous spells lose their might
Hence the cold, I feel their beauty.

You have nothing to keep you here
'Cause reasons happen, reasons fade
And I got so much to say
Yet, beauty kisses the mouth shut.

There is nothing safe, just something left
But winds invite, they scream and whisper
Truths are many, choice is ours
Love, discover, hate, obey.

Here are dreams half dreamed through,
I know, there is nothing left to say
'Cause reasons happen, reasons are made
Of little bits we choose to grow.