The journey was tough but hey, am back

happy to find myself on the right track

Took wrong turns and pretty bad directions

and quite often chose the wrong diversions

but that's me, right twenty, wrong eighty times

have a long long list of mistakes and crimes

with mistakes is overflowing my life's sack

but despair I shall not as am on the right track

The way was laid out bare in front of me always

in fact, I was on the right path in the starting days

but then new temptations came along

veered me away for reasons wrong

fun, freedom, friends and all the 'silly' trends

my way got lost among all the curves and bends

quite silly of me to get so slack

but its OK, am now on the right track

In a way, this attitude marks my life

looking back, I've been too naive

kept making big plans but didn't realize

to act on them would've been more wise

all those huge claims proved to be mere chatter

but now I can't look back, it doesn't even matter

hope for tomorrow is what my heart doesn't lack

god bless the angels, am on the right track.


Right Track