The Evening Is About To Set

With regard to the below composition of mine, many friends who do not know Hindi/Urdu have requested me to translate it into English.
Well, in the below composition, I have used शाम ( the setting of evening) in different shades :

शाम होने को है... (The Evening Is About To Set)

(1) यह चमकता, दहकता सूरज भी आखिर थक जाएगा
शाम होने को है, समन्दर इसे निगल जाएगा

(2) ना इतरा अपनी शौहरत, हुकुमत, जवानी पे, ऐ नादॉ
शाम होने को है, तू देख लेना यह मुकम्मल मंज़र बदल जाएगा

(3) मेरी इक तरफ़ा मुहब्बत को अपने तबस्सुम से मंजूरी दे दो
शाम होने को है, इस अँधेरे दिल में भी कोई दीया जल जाएगा

(4) अभी जी भर के कर ले होश की बातें, ऐ वाइज़
शाम होने को है, नकाब-ए-साकी गुल-ए-रुख्सार से उठ जाएगा

(5) यूं तो इस शहर में बहुत सी है ऱौनकें लेकिन
शाम होने को है, हर-सू मेरे सनम, सिर्फ तू ही नज़र आएगा

(6) अब तो उड़ चले हैं परिंदे भी अपने नशेमनों की ओर
शाम होने को है, मेरे बेघर हम-राही, अब तू किधर जाएगा

(7) दौर-ए-ज़ाम, कुछ फंकार, घुघरुअों की झंकार
शाम होने को है, शायद गमों का कारवां ठहर जाएगा

(1) This haughtily shining sun will also, ultimately, become listless. At the time of evening, it will finally be devoured by the mighty sea.

(2) O ignorant one, do not become proud of your fame, authority or youth. All these things will come to an end during the evening of your life.

(3) My beloved, reciprocate my one-sided love with your beauteous smile. The evening is about to set, a lamp would also be lighted in my gloomy, dark life.

(4) O religious preacher, don't try to befool me as I know your true personality. Now you talk very sensibly, exhorting the people to shun material desires. However, at the sight of gorgeous damsels, you invariably become befuddled.
In fact, each one of us has two entirely different sides - Jeckyll and Hyde personality.

(5) Although there are many beautiful things in this city. At the time of evening, I remember only my सनम (beloved). In Urdu ghazals, beloved means sweetheart as well as Supreme Being.

(6) Now even the birds are going to their nests. The evening is about to set, my homeless companion, where will you go now.

(7) Rounds of wine, some poets, beautiful dancers. At the time of evening, all these will, perhaps, make me forget about my griefs.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~