Polar Business Center


This is a Venezuelan company that covers the food, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and consumer products sectors under its subsidiaries Alimentos Polar, Cerveceria Polar, and Pepsi-Cola Venezuela.

But of these three companies, the one that has the most boom as they say there is the hen of golden eggs is the brewery.

Which has headquarters in different cities of Venezuela, the most booming factory of polar is located in Maracaibo State Zulia.

The current president of this company is Lorenzo Mendoza whom I had the privilege of meeting and being part of the team of associates of Fundación Empresas Polar.

Founders: Lorenzo Mendoza, Rafael Lujan, Karl Eggers. Its foundation was March 14, 1941, Antimano, Caracas. And it spread to different places in Venezuela and the world.

I share some photographs of my own at one of the events in the Auditorium of Empresas Polar located in Caracas in San Joaquin industrial zone.

This corporation is the one that has managed to sustain Venezuela in the midst of all the expropriations and decay that has been experienced during the last 20 years of socialist revolution.