Police parking disc tinkering with toddlers and preschoolers

Tatuu Tatuu, the police are coming, but luckily you have this beautiful tinkered police parking disc in front of your car window, not only do you make the police smile, you also prevent a hefty ticket. From 24-08-2020 until 20-09-2020 we will be working on the theme: “Flashing lights” This fun police craft is perfect to make from 2.5 years old. And also very convenient to use, you can also choose to put a picture of your child in the front window, to make it even more personal.

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Police parking disc tinkering with toddlers and preschoolers

Have you made such a nice ambulance with your child (ren), grandchild (ren), babysitters or guest children, and can I add it to this post, please send me a photo via mail: gastouderopvangspeelmaatje@gmail.com thank you very much.

The examples below are made by two guest children of 3 years, very beautiful girls!


Police parking disc tinkering with toddlers and preschoolers

Police parking disc tinkering with toddlers and preschoolers, supplies

  • A round parking disc (for sale at action, hema, budget stores)
  • Children's glue liquid
  • Pritstift
  • Water-resistant marker
  • Fineliner
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • White rectangle round shape
  • Blue narrow rectangle
  • 3 oblique blue rectangles
  • 3 slanted red rectangles
  • Blue mushroom shape
  • Split Pin
  • Half a yellow circle, with a piece of red and blue paper

Police parking disc tinkering with toddlers and preschoolers, get started

  • First cut or let the child cut out the right shapes
  • Remove the number round from the parking disc
  • Stick the white rectangle with round edges over half of the blue mushroom shape, with pritstift
  • First, paste the oblique red narrow rectangles on the white part, with pritstift
  • On top of it, paste the blue narrow rectangles, with pritstift
  • Over the oblique stripes paste the narrow long rectangle, with pritstift. And you can decorate it with fineliner. We have police and sirens set up
  • With a fine liner and a ruler you can draw windows in the blue part, with us we have one with bars and one without

  • With scissors or thin blade, gently make a hole through the blue and white papers. The kids need help with this. The easiest thing to do is to hold the parking disc at the bottom of the papers and pierce the existing hole. Make sure that the numbers come out well, otherwise your police parking disc will be unusable, and that's a shame!
  • With waterproof marker you can still draw wheels at the bottom of the police parking disc, and don't forget to draw the arrow, indicating the time you started parking.
  • Finally, with liquid glue, glue the siren on top
  • To make it more personal, you can put a picture in it, just like the child is the police officer, or let the child make a nice drawing in the windows

Earlier appeared, and perfectly suited to the theme flashing lights

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