Popsicle sticks Farmer and farmer's wife with their farm animals

The farmer and farmer's wife live happily in their wooden farm, in the village of Stokjesberg.They're having fun, and having fun with all their animals.May I introduce them to you?

Coetje Boo, Sheep Woltje, Pig Oink and Horse De Bruin

Chicken Tok with Chick Squeak, Rooster Tok and Chicken Sunny with Chick Egg

Group photo:)

Do you have yourselffarm animals also tinkeredfrom wooden ice sticks? And do you want to do the best with usshare? That would be nice, then it will be even nicer on the farm:) Feel free to send them to ilse@deknutseljuf.nl and then I'll place them here!


09/06/2020 Submitted by Miss Ivette .

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