The use of purse is not limited to the function of storing money alone. Increasingly, we use it as an accessory, emphasizing our image.

Women's wallets 2022 are now distinguished by an abundance of textures, shapes, colors and types. So let's learn about bags 2022.

• Foldable bag

Most common type of modern purses 2022 is foldable handbag.

Such products are very compact, but at the same time they are quite spacious and allow you to store not only large banknotes, but also credit or discount cards.

• For documents

Not only can you store banknotes and coins in your purse, but you can also store documents (passports, driver's license, etc.). With such bags, your documents will always be at hand and safe.

Models of bags 2022 tend to minimalism in decoration. Soft color combinations such as pink, blue and beige tones are also in fashion.

Ornaments and prints are in fashion, butterflies and animals are trendy. Purses with geometric, ethnic and abstract motifs are particularly popular.