We have all heard of the quote “Every day is a new day” and have always felt positive reading it. However, to sense the bliss of achievement we always wait for a new year.
Eating healthy and exercise is always on our agenda, but we plan to start working towards it from the 1st of January. Quite relatable? Well, most of us have the same new year resolutions every year, but seldom do any of us follow it after a month.

While its good to be optimistic and have a plan for the future, why are we obsessed with waiting for a new year to start bettering ourselves. Later, we conveniently put the blame on our busy lives for not following any of them. Furthermore, the bitter truth is that we will be equally busy the next year as well.

Since the story of regret is the same by almost mid of every year, let us amend the resolution a bit this year -2020!! Yes! You heard that right! You still have enough time this year to fulfil a goal you had planned at the beginning of the year. Be it to quit smoking or to eat healthier, you can start it today or maybe start it right away.

Let’s pledge to acknowledge the fact not just planning but an action towards it will yield a result. Regardless of the date or a month, any day is a good day to better oneself. The idea is to not stop making resolutions but to start acting on it.

Further, to step into a new year with a realization that you have actually worked towards an intent will be even more rewarding. This way the determination during the start of the year will remain with you throughout the year. Let’s make 2020 the better year for ourselves.

On the count of 3, just begin from wherever you are!!


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The Best Time to Start ? Its right now!