Positive corona-plan Social Distance, family artwork: The result!

The plan

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A while back, when the whole Social Distance situation was still very 'new', I launched the idea to create a joint work of art with family, friends, associations, the neighbourhood... With our family, we printed a huge poster via BlockPoster, which I sent in pieces to our family! The only assignment they were given was: “Do you want to color these coloring pages and send them back to us?”. Read my blog with more explanation:

The Result

This week we got the last records back by mail. (Also nice, just get POST via the postman!). We put all the pictures (postcard size) on a large piece of cardboard to get the poster complete again! And so this has become our result!

Children, grandfathers and grandmothers, uncles and aunts and daddies and mommies, all coloring!

Did you do an activity yourself that fits in with this? Do you share it in the comments under this blog?

Stay healthy and hold on!