With great pleasure and pride, I announce the forthcoming release of “Post Partum”, a novel written together with my great friend Federica Cabras.
Different age, different place of birth but the same passion for literature and writing, the same vision of life and the same sensitivity. From our collaboration a fervid and wonderful creative experience was born, first of all from a human point of view — because the friendship was cemented and flourished — but also from a writing point of view.
We became passionate about writing “Post Partum” by stimulating each other, correcting each other, directing each other, respecting our individualities but amalgamating them into a product that we have seen grow and take shape and that we love like a little son.
“Post Partum” is a story of difficult, underground and hidden feelings, a story of any humanity, with daily emotions in which every reader can identify. None of us are perfect, nobody is all light or all dark. We all have bad thoughts, but then what we really do counts, our actions count. They are what make us good people.
Maria Montis lives of the future. She is beautiful, respected, charismatic. She loves, loved in return, her husband Simone. Pietra Vaccai lives in the past. Her mind is tormented and filled with bad thoughts. These very different women, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, collide and the fate of both changes.
While Maria is in the delivery room, giving birth to Michael, Pietra’s grandson, the latter keeps thinking: “If the mother died, I could keep the baby”. Since Philip, her husband, died, she feels alone, full of remorse and resentment.
Maria survives but falls ill with an obscure postpartum depression. It’s Pietra’s chance to grab the baby. Simone sees the light go out in his wife’s eyes but does nothing. Out of fear and weakness, he seeks comfort in the arms of another woman while an old love reappears in his mother’s life, which he does not accept.
Will the two protagonists be able to win back the future for themselves, for their children and for new and old loves?

Stay tuyned!

Post Partum

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