Post2 | What are boosters?

In my first post I already described that as a newcomer it is very accustomed to Yoors. Starting with boosters. For example, can I use multiple boosters in a post? And are all hashtags boosters?

By @Encaustichris I started with Yoors. We talked about this topic and I got the impression that you could only use one booster by mail. Logically, the booster had to do with your subject. But a booster is a hashtag, so does that mean that I can't or can't use other hashtags next to a booster? Is there a limit on the use of hashtags at all? Well, how much then?

With each individual booster I see a user, which makes it seem that anyone can create a booster? But how do you make a booster and then there are advantages to it?

I am very curious about the responses and answers. Sorry for all the questions!

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Looking on the other side
A life full of problems - Jorieke's life depends on problems. Or you could also say: lies from problems apart. It's all not so much. She's a pretty girl and she's very good at coming to school.. However, her health leaves much to be desired. And as a blow to the flare, she is also bullied from all sides. Everywhere she goes: at school, on the street, on the sports field and even in the church. In the church she also hears a lot about a life with Christ. Then she would be free, they say. Then she'd be happy. And that's exactly what she wants so badly. But the problem is, who wants to help her? After all, she no longer trusts a person. White cat as an example   - - Then she sees a white cat crawling through a glass partition. She sees how that cat is apparently tired of the ordinary, everyday life. He takes a look at the other side. I can, of course, do that.!, thinks Jorieke. Who knows what happens when I step out of life. Just without saying goodbye sneak away. From that moment on, those thoughts are central to her life. Every time she sees a cat, she thinks about this. But there's no one around her to notice that. Jorieke is all alone. A special meeting   - - When she wakes up, Jorieke experiences a particularly peaceful feeling inside. In her dream appeared a white cat with extremely loving eyes. The cat walked out in front of her and showed her something special. The moonlight was orange; Jorieke's favourite colour. And she saw a flower with a calyx hanging down. You think your life looks like this, Jorieke, heard her say a clear voice.. But when the new day begins, you will face it with your head raised. Jorieke still dizzy a little when she opens her eyes. But that peace inside is unprecedented. Would God have spoken to her in this dream?? On the other side of the plague past   - - - The following days Jorieke notices to herself that she has changed. She can deal much better with the people around her. And actually, she's wondering where the bullying has gone.. She feels free and doesn't let herself be crates anymore.. Jorieke decides to give her life to God now of his own free will. If He can take such good care of her - and she now knows that she is - then she wants to give Him the room for that, too. Life begins to laugh at Jorieke. A new life, on the other side of her bullying past. She is now experiencing love from the people around her. And wherever she sees the possibility, she gives God the honor of that change.   In the photo words challenge of the month of May 2021, the goal is to create something around the picture of the white cat. Hopefully this has succeeded somewhat again. The image at Joriekes dream (and in the header) is made by Jolanda Flag Garden . Through Messenger I have permission to use this photo. Read more - White Cat batteries - Forgiveness out of love - Bullied and ruined - Is the mouthcap a mask? {Nieuwsbrief 2020-12} - #theplague #anderekant #bekering #shortstories #photowords Would you also like to co-write or comment, but you are not yet a member of Yoors? Then sign up here... - logon
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