Poverty among children on our 'beautiful' island Tholen...

Dear reader,
I am very sorry to have to inform you that I have heard something very serious.

The Netherlands is a fairly prosperous country, but unfortunately poverty has still not ended.

In fact, an increase of as much as 28 percent is expected!
Dear people, listen carefully: “So this is really antisocial and, as far as I'm concerned, unprecedented.”

Especially for the children this is dehumane and we should not turn our faces at Tholen, no... we must not turn our backs..
But how, tell me how can we keep ourselves from this mischief?

When I read back, for example about the year 2016, I read that on our 'beautiful' island Tholen there are at least 300 children bound by this stuffy and yet deprived of liberty.
BUT when I look a year later and that's actually much worse, I read very disappointing about a number of no less than 400 and that, yes that dear people is an increase of almost 34 percent and that is so... REALLY NOT SMALL!

At that time, a local group indicated that there should be a plan of action quickly.
They got support from all the parties in the council, and you'd think that this mischief should have come to an end soon.

But, no... even a four-year roadmap, with the ultimate goal of achieving 99% of the children,
did not enrich himself with a victory.

No, man, and even a pretty generous gift from the Empire, don't be afraid of almost a ton, has not been allowed to turn this tide.
There were developments; such as the strengthening of links with general practitioners, schools and civil society organisations, but no, unfortunately it has not been allowed to harm this.

According to Lucy van Helm, Director of SIRE, Foundation for Ideal Advertising, we are all responsible for this... Give her words: “Let's talk about this.?” Hearing?

I wish true and true with all my heart... you really wish poverty where no one is to and certainly not a child at all.
If you support this action, let us know what you think!!!

by: a Voice of Thoughts
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